LastPass – An Excellent Online Identity Management Tool

by Brett Borders

LastPass is a high-quality online password manager for all popular web browsers. It lets you toggle between multiple online identities and brands (personal, business, client #1, client #2) at the click of a button – and it remembers all the passwords without getting any of the details mixed up:

The most complex and crucial part of an ORM campaign is online identity management (i.e., tracking the Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. logins and information continuity – for each of your brands and clients). If you don’t have a solid tool like LastPass (basic version free, $12 per year for premium) – you’ll be tempted to use the same password for all the accounts – and chances are you’ll forget some of them or keep them in an insecure place. I just switched to LastPass from 1Password and it is one of the very best online idenitty management tools. It does a lot more than just remember passwords, so explore it and find out.

(Note: I have no absolutely affiliation with the makers of this software, I just dig it.)

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  • Alex Juel

    Great video Brett! I've been using 1Password for a long time now and I love it, but I'll definitely give LassPass a trial run. I like the idea browsing as a specific profile and sticking to that profiles logins.

    It would be awesome if LastPass could detect if you were in a specific profile but already logged in to a site with a diffferent account to prevent accidentally posting something meant for another account.

  • Brett Borders


    One of the biggest headaches of my professional life was getting all the accounts and passwords straight.

    I've been using LastPass for 2 days and I already don't know how I can live without it! It has all the marks of high-quality engineering, UI design, usability, security, etc.


  • freelancemom

    Brett – I meant to thank you last week for posting this. I test drove lastpass and love it. I have so many client & personal logins to manage – this is massively helpful.

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