Making Online Reputation Management Look Natural

by Brett Borders

Making your online reputation management (ORM) campaign look natural isn’t easy. It takes creativity, an eye for diversity, and the ability to step outside of yourself and get inside the head of the average (hurried & skeptical) web user.

This 5-minute video will give you some tips on creating a natural online identity:

Do you have any theories or tips for maintaining an natural online identity? Please leave them in the comments below…

  • fionndownhill
    The most important thing is to vary the results. Micro sites are great for brands as it makes sense that brands would have different sites. Many of the micro sites are created as spam instead of putting some strategy into their intent and unique and useful content. For individuals the social media profiles do look natural as again it is completely logical you would have mutliple social media profiles. I have seen some rotten reputation management results, fake sites, fake reviews, there is no need to do it this way. Google's ranks sites based on their value to the user and Reputation Management is no different. If you create spam your results will look like spam and that is not natural or professional.

    Great presentation thank you.
  • Fionn,

    I have seen such bad reputation management results, it is ghastly. There is just no possible wat to build a complete, custom online identity for someone else - and to rank it - without:

    1.) Spending thousands of dollars / hours and doing it carefully
    2.) It looking like complete garbage.

    People don't realize that online reputation management quality is just as important as surgery... and how costly a bad job can be.

  • Good notation... as part of our own work at SMR, we are constantly amazed and offended by the "Spray and Pray Spam" version of many search engine reputation companies.

    Many firms slap up a poorly constructed template site and don't even bother to ask the question "does this even look professional?"

    With all the information out there that could be positive and useful for many clients, it really amuses me that so many firms don't creatively think outside the box to leverage the extra content.
  • fionndownhill
    Yep and people think that they can pay $500 to get the job done with a gurantee and same crap as we had with SEO
  • "Spray and Pray"-- I really like that phrase too. Googles doesn't rank sites in a systematic way you can always predict... and throwing up lots of content.. any content.. doesn't help most of the time.
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