If you have some difficult questions about online reputation or need strategy help, I might be the just the online reputation management consultant who can help you. Feel free to contact me.

Brett Borders - online reputation management consultant

Brett Borders – Online Reputation Management Consultant        

My Background

ORM work requires a good balance of marketing and technical skills. SEO, PR and social media marketing are the core competencies. I consider myself to have a decent grip on all three:

I have worked professionally as an advertising copywriter, PR guy and IT instructor. I’m the SEO director for the web’s #1 green car site,, and I’m a contributing author for Search Engine Land, the most popular search marketing industry resource. I also publish my own social media blog with over 4,000 RSS subscribers, which has taught me a lot about what actually works and looks good online.

I have helped solve online reputation problems for VPs and C-level execs, national retail franchise chains, attorneys, international commerce brands, clergy, Ivy League faculty, global spiritual organizations and more.

Cost of Training & Consulting Services

If you need personal help, advice or training via telephone or webinar – I am usually available at $250/hr.

I also do online reputation building campaigns for select new companies and professionals. The cost of me personally working on your campaign starts at $4,000 per month.

I don’t usually take on online reputation repair campaigns (“removing or pushing down bad information off the first page of Google”), as the the amount of labor and creative effort to do a world-class job on them tends to be extraordinary – and the results are never completely predictable. You are welcome to confidentially inquire… and I’ll take a quick look at your situation and let you know what I think.

My Guarantee

I guarantee that if I agree to do consulting or take your case, I will do my very best to help you secure a better online reputation. I also “guarantee” you that it is impossible to fix many common types of search engine reputation issues quickly or affordably, no matter what anyone tells you or what you’d like to believe. I do not claim to offer miracles or “magic bullets” – just pragmatic and honest advice based on my current understanding of search engine algorithms and online marketing.

If you need a 100% guaranteed ORM solution, a perfect credit score overnight, or you want an exciting home-based business opportunity that pays $10,000 per month after a small initial investment… the internet is full of people who are comfortable promising such things. I am not one of them.

Who Should Contact Me?

Most of my clients have been businesses owners and executives who want to build and protect their reputations online. I’ve often helped innocent people who have been wrongly or unfairly gotten entangled in an online mess. I’m also willing to help people who have made mistakes in the past, learned the lesson and now want to move on with a clean slate.

Please contact me if you want customized, high-end reputation consulting work from a trustworthy individual and would prefer not to deal with a commercialized ORM “firm,” “agency” or “operation.”

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